Save time for the duties of a professional uav company.

Get access to all the benefits right after log-in.

How does it work?

Simple registration

Register with dronegate using one simple form.

Profile customization

Add your pilots, fleet and all your gear.

Application process

Create, manage and fly. Everything within only one system.

Do you know? Do you know that dronegate has helped successfully complete 49 applications?

Work more effective

dronegate will carefully record all times from the creation of the request until the actual flight. So you'll have statistics which indicate you where to improve.

Create a request with only few clicks.

By completing a single form, you will receive a full and official application that you can directly send by Dronegate for approval by the Ministry. You do not have to wait for the mail.

Room for the client.

dronegate is also created for your client. you can easily invite him to join your project. Immediately after activating his account, he sees the current state of the project and its possible complications.

dronegate helps you save time where you need it

all the information in one place

heve your flotil under the control

dronegate will alert you when the technicla check of your UAV runs out, after you submit the document, the technician reactivates it and you have full control over the state of the machine.

efficient application management

the standard method of making the request is time consuming and complicated. Avoid long waiting at the offices. dronegate is ready for the approval process for online applications.

interesting and detailed statistics

dronegate measures each of your actions in commercial flight process. All these data are then automatically evaluated and graphically displayed.

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