Avoid problems with
flying in a restricted area

access the map of allowed areas right after logging in.

Profile customization

Get rid of flying stress

Avoid all the inconveniences.

We'll show you how you can fly without breaking the rules and without unnecessary stress, avoiding possible fines and inconveniences.

official air maps

We have simplified official icao aerial maps for you so you always have an overview if you can or can not fly.

a clear flight book

Write down your flights. Whenever you can get back to them. Dronegate automatically generates interesting flight statistics.

watch your time in the air

You do not have to think about what it should look like or what data the flight book should contain. dronegate will generate it for you. By registering a fair flight book, you are joining the responsible pilots and you are closer to the professional pilot.

Do you know? that in Slovakia every 5 minutes a drone takes off?

Everyone can do it.

dronegate is simple and straightforward for everyone. You do not need anything more than your computer or mobile to use it and to have a free dronegate account registered. So you get all the benefits.

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